Get to Know Kathleen Anderson, PT, DPT

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Kathleen Anderson, PT at Blue Sky Physical Therapy:

  1. Kathleen grew up in Littleton and ran cross country & track during high school and college.
  2.  She has experienced two major earthquakes: the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami while she was living in Japan, as well as the 6.0 Napa earthquake in 2014.
  3. She worked as a certified spin instructor and personal trainer while attending Colorado State University.

“I became interested in physical therapy in high school after accompanying my dad to his PT appointments after his knee and shoulder surgeries. My interest grew more in college when I participated in cross country and tried to learn the limits of how much I could run. While I enjoy treating all injuries as a physical therapist, I have a special interest in treating people with running injuries and low back pain. I believe that focusing on building a strong core is fundamental to help decrease pain and prevent further injury.”

–Kathleen Anderson, PT, DPT