Pilates Pricing & Packages Info

Introductory Package:
3 private sessions and 4 group classes: $276 (25% discount)

The intro pack is appropriate for the majority of our new Pilates clients. The three private sessions are completed prior to joining group classes to ensure the client’s safety and knowledge of Pilates skills and equipment. Once the client completes the three private sessions, they may begin group classes. Based on the recommendation of our instructors, clients may join either Beginner or Intermediate group classes.

Private Pilates Sessions:
Single private session: $80
5 Private Sessions: $375 ($75 per session)
10 Private Sessions: $700 ($70 per session)

Private sessions are one-on-one with one of our Pilates instructors. Clients choose to do private sessions for a variety of reasons: personalized attention from instructors, to transition back to classes after an injury, as part of a continued wellness maintenance program, among many other reasons.

Duet Sessions (2 People):
Single Duet Session: $45 per person
10 Duet Sessions: $400 ($40 per person, per session)

Duet sessions are private sessions one-on-one with an instructor and two clients. This is a great option for friends, spouses, or co-workers who want the feel of a group class but with personalized attention and instruction.

Group Classes (Up to 6 people):
Single group class: $32
5 group classes: $135 ($27 per class)
10 group classes: $240 ($24 per class)
20 group classes: $440 ($22 per class)

Intro Pilates 30-Minutes Class (Up to 6 people):
Single group class: $15

This slow-paced (30 minutes) class is a great intro to Pilates for total beginners, people who are transitioning from an injury or rehab to Pilates, and those who need gentle and easy exercise to gain strength and stability. If you are unsure if Pilates is right for you, this is a fast and affordable way to try it in a relaxed and supportive environment.

All of the above Pilates services must be paid out of pocket by the client and cannot be billed to insurance. All private Pilates sessions, duet sessions, and group Pilates classes are 50 minutes long. Please note that all of our group classes packages have firm expiration dates.
*Private and Duet sessions cannot be scheduled online. If you are an existing Pilates client, click HERE to schedule group classes online.